Labyrinth Adventures is a tabletop, dungeon crawling, adventure game system that utilizes basic roleplaying elements. Four characters are used for gameplay (each of a different class): The Warrior, Wizard, Rogue and Cleric.  

If you’re new to roleplaying, this is a most excellent “starter” system! If you’re a well-seasoned gamer; you’ll quickly find that the light rules/heavy play components offer a nostalgic feel that says, “Welcome home!”  

To play; you will need a rulebook, quest module, four or more 6-sided dice (each referred to as “1d6”) and a piece of scratch paper for taking notes and doing simple math (character sheets and maps are provided for you).  Labyrinth Adventures may be played with up to four people and may also be played solo because no Game Master is needed for gameplay!

So; create your party, settle in for a story and… may the luck of the dice be with you!