Embark upon an exciting  journey with a new  gaming system. It is easy to learn, easy to play and you can take it wherever you go.

All you need to play is the Labyrinth Rulebook, a Quest module, pencil, one or more six-sided dice and a piece of scratch paper for taking notes and doing simple math. Begin your adventuring with our starter kit to familiarize yourself with our system. From there, other Expansion Quests will follow and include new monsters to fight and trickier Map Levels to navigate as each Quest becomes more involved than the last!

You can play solo or with up to four people. Labyrinth is played with four characters, each of a different class. Doing it this way rounds out your party – and trust me here – that’s a good thing. You will find there’s a challenge for each player type, and items only certain classes can use.

And don’t worry about finding a Game Master – you don’t need one! Labyrinth is designed so that the adventure is a surprise for everyone!

So get ready for dungeon-crawling, monster fighting, magic wielding, mystery solving fun like you’ve never had! You just need to enter the Labyrinth . . .